As a college student you need to up on groceries in your dorm room or your apartment. This blog helps you save good money at the supermarket with money-saving coupons. Some college students get a grocery allowance from mom and dad to go shopping while living in their dorm. How about continually getting that allowance and printing out money-saving coupons to help you continually save money at your local supermarket? Sounds good, doesn’t it? University of coupons helps you achieve that goal.

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Most college students today are falling short in paying for a refrigerator full of groceries. Most college kids are broke and working internships. Or, unemployed while taking classes. College students need to eat. College students need to survive with food in the stomach without calling mommy or daddy all the time for grocery money. University of Coupons makes it possible for college students on a budget to get what they need from the supermarket, save money, and walk away smiling with groceries.

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